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A bit about the Podcast.....

True Crime ScotlandTrue Crime Scotland is run by me (@TrueCrimeScot) and I do this is my spare time as I have a passion for Scotland and I have always been intrigued by True Crime stories, and there have been a lot of really intriguing Scottish cases over the years. As there didn’t seem to be anyone else exclusively covering Scottish Crimes in a Podcast, I figured, well, why not give it a go!!

The episodes are time consuming to research and I pride myself on getting all of the facts as accurate as possible so I can deliver the stories with confidence that you are getting the real details surrounding each case. This isn’t always as simple as I had anticipated as there is often a lot of contradictory information which needs to be checked and verified.

A good example of this was when researching Episode 3, I found lots of references to Robert Johnston (the victims Father) having worked on the Glasgow Underground railway. This had even been published in a few newspaper articles. In actual fact, his job title was a “Tube Worker” so it was assumed that he worked on the “Tube”.
The Glasgow Underground is not known as ‘the tube’, unlike the London Underground which is, so many reports assumed that the job of “Tube Worker” must have meant he worked on the Glasgow Underground when in fact he worked as Steel Tube Worker in the Lanarkshire Steel Works. The only way I could verify this for sure, was to purchase birth, death and marriage certificates for the family.

I also do all of the audio production, social media promoting, hosting, publishing etc on my own, and as you can probably tell, have still got a lot to learn about all of these aspects to making the Podcast succeed.

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