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10: Bible John

Between 1968 and 1969, three women left the Barrowland Ballroom after a night of dancing. The all left with men of similar descriptions and they all were found dead close to their homes soon afterwards. All were brunette, all were mothers, all were menstruating at the time of their deaths, and all were strangled. The …

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09: Theresa Riggi

Theresa Riggi was a mother who was said to have loved her children too much. When she and her husband entered in to a bitter custody war for the children, her obsession with controlling their fate had the most tragic and shocking outcome. Credits: Researched, written and narrated by @TrueCrimeScot. Thank you to Fesliyan Studios …

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08: Annie Börjesson

Annie Börjesson’s body was found washed up on the beech at Prestwick on Scotland’s west coast. Officially the death was a tragic accident or a suicide, and there were no suspicious circumstances. However, there were many unanswered questions and the Börjesson family are still to this day looking for answers. What really happened to Annie …

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04: Suzanne Pilley

Anyone in the legal profession will tell you that, getting a conviction for a murder when there’s no dead body is extremely difficult. But when the police investigation gathers enough compelling evidence to convince them that what began as a missing person inquiry is actually a murder investigation, and – that they have a suspect …

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Welcome to True Crime Scotland Some of the most mysterious, disturbing and horrific crimes ever committed……. were committed in Scotland. Cold blooded murders, serial killers, gangland assassinations, acts of terrorism, mysterious disappearances, acts of pure evil that you will struggle to comprehend. This podcast is dedicated to bringing you stories of real crimes that happened …

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